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Designed for the IT Administrator to ease the burden of automating administration of IT infrastructure. PowerWF automates tasks using PowerShell Workflow Orchestration to help IT Administrators lower-costs and execute change with greater speed, quality, and consistency. PowerWF's innovative IDE combines an intuitive user-interface (UI), simple drag and drop operations, and the PowerShell community knowledge to create complex high-level workflows.

Using a simple drag-and-drop interface IT administrators can quickly automate their daily tasks without having to become scripters themselves.

PowerWF comes bundled with PowerSE, a full featured PowerShell Script Editor and debugger.

Whether you are comfortable with simple drag-and-drop operations or an experienced PowerShell Scripter, PowerWF allows you edit your workflow either way. Integrated search lets you find samples from PoshCode and Technet and turn them into PowerWF workflows. Only PowerWF gives you the ability to orchestrate PowerShell scripts.

Every PowerShell Snap-In & Module automatically becomes a Windows Workflow Activity in PowerWF, allowing you to create workflows that encompass virtual any environment.

PowerWF supports a wide range of deployment options to quickly and easily integrate with a variety of 3rd party applications and RBA solutions.

Detailed help for each PowerShell command is available, including examples that can be directly imported.

PowerShell Script Editor

Designed for the IT Administrator to ease the burden of automating administration of IT systems. PowerSE is a free PowerShell Script Editor and integrated development environment (IDE). PowerSE is an advanced IDE, Console, plus all the features you come to expect from a professional editor. Features like color syntax highlighting, IntelliSense (PowerShell, WMI, and .NET), tab completion, context sensitive help system and much more.

PowerSE does all the tricks you would expect from a professional script editor.

  • Complete IntelliSense coverage of Windows PowerShell, DotNet and WMI.
  • Syntax Highlighting and Code completion help speed PowerShell development..  
  • Syntax Checking instantly lets you see errors in your code and quickly jump to error lines to fix the problem..  
  • Plus, a host of other features: quick help tips, tab completion, snippets, code folding, bookmarks, breakpoints, formatting, find and replace, and the ability to edit multiple scripts at one time.

PowerSE is complete development environment (IDE) makes debugging PowerShell a snap.

  • Breakpoints
  • Variable Watch Window
  • Call Stack
  • Run-time error line highting
  • Step-Over, Step-Into, and Step Out
  • Run Script in external PowerShell Console
  • Ability to run scripts in an Isolated PowerShell Host, or Global Host. 

PowerSE includes an embedded Windows PowerShell console that lets you do virtually anything you could do with the native PowerShell console. This means no flipping back and forth between your editor and command line; PowerSE lets you have both up at the same time or maximize either with a simple hot-key or a touch of the mouse.

Administrators often are diagnosing problem in the Windows PowerShell Command Window. PowerSE stores all your command in a buffer for quick recall and provides a Record/Playback capablity. Simply interact with the console window to determine exactly what task you wish to perform. Then, with a push of a button you can copy these commands to a script file for further editing, and it for future use.

Visualizing your data is an important step solving the problem. Whether executing a command the PowerShell Embedded console window, or the editor, al results results are displayed in a variety of formats: Text, DataGrid, and PropertyGrid. In addition, all diagnostic information ( warnings, errors, debug, verbose) are displayed in a easy to read, sort-able grid view for your viewing pleasure and trouble shooting.

Formatting results is a tedious task using traditional methods. PowerSE leverages it's built-in data grid visualization to ease the pain. Simply rearranging the columns, removing unwanted data columns, and sorting. Then tell PowerSE to generate the PowerShell Script and you have created a nice report in minutes. In addition, a property grid allowing you to drill down into data structures, and generate the PowerShell script to retrieve the data you wanted.

Whether you are Newbie or an Expert Scripter, a day of programming without Google would be a sad day indeed. Leveraging the wealth of knowledge on the internet is key to your success in a timely manner. Built-into PowerSE is the ability to search the PowerShell Communiity for just the right example to get you up and running quickly. Simply type in what you trying to accomplish, and let PowerSE search the Scripting repositories ( PoshCode and TechNet) for scripts that might help. No more hassles of jumping between a browser and copy and pasting into your editor. Let the editor do the work for you.

PowerSE displays detailed help for each PowerShell command, including examples that can be directly imported into the product.

Management Pack Creation

Designed for the IT Administrator to effortlessly create System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) management packs to monitor everything within the enterprise. PowerWF for SCOM powerful composition tool utilizing PowerShell Workflow Orchestration to aggregate, manipulate, and mashup performance metrics to be stored, monitored, and alerted on by SCOM. The innovative IDE combines an intuitive user-interface (UI), simple drag and drop operations, and the PowerShell to author SCOM Management Packs quickly and easily.


Product Introduction

Quick explanation of what PowerWF is and what it does. (~3.5MB)

Getting Started Guide

Latest PowerWF Getting Started guide. Includes Tutorials, System Requirements, Tips and Tricks. (10MB)

PowerWF System Center Integration

Product bulletin discussing PowerWF's integration with System Center Operations Manager (~1.5MB)

PowerWF - SCOM Solution Brief

Solution Brief discussing PowerWF's integration with Microsoft Operations Manager (~1.0MB)

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